Hidden Pond Productions specializes in the following services:

Music Supervision and Talent Acquisition

Hidden Pond Productions will find just the right property for your project – from small, non-broadcast productions on up through national advertising campaigns, film, broadcast TV and more.  Whether you’re interested in music (from well-known tunes and artists to budget-friendly up and coming indie artists and bands) or talent (on-screen, voice-over, etc.) – even film & TV clips, licensed characters, comics, photos, etc. – you’ll be presented with a variety of available choices that will work both creatively and economically for your project.  We’ll manage all the paperwork including contracts as well as cue sheets (if needed) and make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed.

– Music Licensing & Rights Clearance Of All Kinds

Hidden Pond Productions is expert in navigating its clients through the quagmire of licensing and rights clearance including but not limited to:

* Music licensing/music clearance including:
– Compositions/master recordings
– Compilation records
– Mechanical licenses
– Sample and interpolation clearances
– Merchandise rights
– Grand Rights
– Right to custom arrange
– Live music performances and more…

* Talent-publicity rights (Name/Voice/Likeness) including celebrities (actors, musicians, sports figures, etc.) and estates
* Film and television clips, stock footage
* Photos/stock photography
* Characters, comic strips
* Literary material
* Fine art
* Sports related material
* Trademarked properties
* Buildings and landmarks
* Anything that is copyrighted or otherwise protected…

– Public Domain Research and Verification

We can help you determine if a property is in the Public Domain, which means that particular property – from music, photographs, works of art, etc. are no longer protected by the Copyright Law. If a work is Public Domain you can use it any way you’d like without needing to get permission or having to pay a fee.

– Branding

Hidden Pond Productions will help focus the marketing potential of an artist’s (or other property’s) consumer awareness to bring attention to a particular product or service via the association with that artist’s (or property’s) name, work, as well as endorsement.

– Original Music Scoring, Music Production & Sound Design

Hidden Pond Productions offers original music scoring, custom music production and sound design services for TV and radio advertising, broadcast TV, film, non-broadcast use, internet, new media and more. We can create original music based upon your specifications, in any style and genre, for whatever application you may need with the highest level of productions values.

Whether it’s a jingle for a national advertising campaign to sonically brand your product, a TV theme song, a film score, a bumper for a non-broadcast production, a re-recording of a famous copyrighted song, etc., Hidden Pond Productions can fill all of your original music, production and sound design needs.

– Film & Television Services

Script Clearance Reports

A complete breakdown of your film/television script itemizing rights & clearance issues which your production team and legal counsel should address prior to the commencement of principal photography.  The report itemizes the use of proprietary properties and potential rights related issues including:

* Brands & products protected by copyright/trademark
* Dialogue: defamatory references
* DVD/VHS/LPs: cover art and ancillary rights
* Film clips: clips and ancillary rights
* Music: performed by cast, referenced in dialogue
* Names: characters, businesses, locations, schools, organizations
* Publications: books, magazines, newspapers
* Visuals: photographs, posters, artwork

We provide a summary giving our expert opinion on the protected properties appearing in your script and solutions to minimize license fees for the rights associated with the use of those properties.

We also provide script reports detailing the use of specific properties in your project, i.e. a report pertaining to the music in your film or the film clips appearing within in your film, etc.

Clearance Services

We will secure all the rights your production team requires upon review of the script clearance report including licensing and/or providing music for your soundtrack.

Product Placement Services

Product placement within your film can facilitate the clearance process!  We will negotiate product placement agreements with vendors and product placement agencies in all categories including: automotive, beverages, computers, electronics, fashion & footwear, home furnishings, household products, luggage, mobile phones, personal care, publications, restaurants, retail stores, snack foods, sporting goods, tourism, travel, video games, watches and website services.

– Music Services & Consulting for Songwriters, Composers & Musicians

Get a music industry insider’s help and guidance on a variety of topics and issues that affect songwriters, composers and musicians.  Whether it’s registering your copyrights, registering your music at your PRO, securing mechanical licenses for cover songs you may want to release, administering your publishing and much more, Hidden Pond Productions can help you.